Nothing is as COOL as a POOL

Penguin Pools is not only an inground swimming pool contractor, but we also replace and renovate vinyl liner swimming pools throughout Southeastern Wisconsin. Installing a new inground vinyl liner in your pool can make it feel like an entirely new pool overnight. Our standard inground vinyl liner replacements package and pricing includes:

  • Complete liner measuring of your pool
  • Removal of the old vinyl liner
  • 1 bag of patch to repair the bottom of your vinyl liner swimming pool
    • This could be vermiculite, sand or concrete depending on what your pool bottom is made of.
  • New Ultra-Seam™ vinyl liner
    • Stop looking at ugly seams in your liner, Ultra-Seam has seams that are virtually invisible

Inground Vinyl Liner Replacements – Prices

  • Rectangle or Grecian Pools – $6,000
  • Non-Rectangle Shaped Pool – $6,500

Here are some additional charges that might affect your vinyl liner replacement.

  • Extra Bag of Vermiculite – $50
  • Re-Foam Pool Walls – $500
  • Pools over 20' x 40' - $1,000
  • Convert 1 Main Drain to Two via VGB – $750; Company policy is that we WILL NOT allow 1 main drain to remain in the pool!
  • Vinyl Liner to Cover Existing Steps or Bench – $500 Each Step & Bench
  • 27mil Liner - $500
  • Sand Bottom Liner Install - $1,500; many times this is ADDED on to a job as there is no definitive way to know if a pool has a sand bottom unless the customer knows this ahead of time.

Find out what new inground vinyl liner replacements can do for your swimming pool! Check out our completed vinyl liner pool replacement projects.

In most cases our standard package will be more than enough to repair and renovate vinyl liner pools; however, vinyl liner pools that are in particularly bad shape may require more than 1 bag of Vermiculite to repair the bottom.
Penguin Pools can handle and upgrade items within your pool (lights, plumbing, clogged filters) or any other swimming pool services in addition to the liner replacement.