Nothing is as COOL as a POOL

Penguin Pools not only installs above ground swimming pools, but we also replace and renovate above ground pool liners throughout Southeastern Wisconsin.
Above ground swimming pool vinyl liner replacements can be more complicated than replacing an inground pool vinyl liner. Penguin Pools only installs beaded vinyl liners in above ground pools. While beaded vinyl liners do add cost to the vinyl liner replacement, we do this because beaded liners last longer, are stronger, and in the long run, are much better for the swimming pool walls. If your above ground swimming has an expandable or overlap liner now, Penguin Pools will need to install a conversion kit to the pool to accept the beaded liner.

Standard Above Ground Vinyl Liner Replacements Pricing

  • Round or Oval Above Ground Pools – $3,000
  • Beaded Liner Conversion Kit (if needed) – $500

Additional Costs to Above Ground Pool Liner Replacements

At Penguin Pools, we want to make sure you have all the information necessary to make the best decision for your pool, your backyard, and your budget. In some cases there can be additional swimming pool services costs to our standard package:

Wood Decking Around the Pool
If you have a wood deck around the pool, Penguin Pools will have to remove each piece so we can get all the way around the pool. Unfortunately, this is a necessary step to replacing the liner. If you’re so inclined, you can dismantle and remove the decking prior to the liner replacement, or we can take them off for you at a rate of $100/HR. Please note: Penguin Pools is not liable for any broken or damaged pieces of wood decking.

Sunk-In Pool Walls
If your above ground pool walls are sunk in at all, Penguin Pools will have to dig it out your pool or create a bracing so that the wall doesn’t cave in once the back pressure is removed. This, of course, will add time and cost to the liner replacement project.

This is Penguin Pools standard beaded vinyl liner pattern.