Nothing is as COOL as a POOL

Swimming Pool Remodel

Pool problems can grow and grow to the point that there no using your pool at all.  It can be as simple as a broken pipe which causes discolored water making pool maintenance much harder or simply an old pool that needs a complete makeover.  Either way, Penguin Pools can help you bring your pool back to life and sparkle again with a simple pool remodel.

Bring that Old Pool Back to Life Again

A new set of pool steps or a complete rework of an old pool, the transformation can be intense and very rewarding for a customer; making a pool remodel the perfect solution.  The simple facelift of your swimming pool can create a new attitude for your family and how you value your house. You can turn what might seem like a useless backyard into a destination for you and your family with some simple freshening up of pool remodel.

View this pool remodel that changed the backyard and the self-esteem of the homeowners that thought their swimming pool was dead and needed to be filled in.
Penguin Pools changed the shallow and deep ends of the pool, added a new step, poured new concrete, ran new plumbing and installed new energy efficient pool equipment.

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