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Swimming Pool Opening

Pool Opening Greenfield WI

You are excited and anxious to get your swimming pool opened and running for the year, it takes time and is a complex process.  Your pool opening doesn’t have to be a hassle when you let a certified Penguin Pool technician take care of it.  We will get your pool ready, verify the equipment operation and make sure it will be clear swimming for the rest of the season.

Intense Process for a Pool Opening

Penguin Pools does more than just put in your plugs and start your pool equipment. We aren’t just a group of pool contractors, our certified technicians will also perform swimming pool services such as ::

  • Heater operation and flue temperatures
  • Verify your automation system is calibrated correctly
  • Verify voltage to your pool lights
  • Check Salt Chlorine Generator output
  • Visual inspection of your swimming pool equipment.

Clear Water All Year Doesn’t Happen by Mistake

A proper pool opening service with diagnostics on your swimming pool will make sure that you have an enjoyable swim season all year.  Achieving clear water doesn’t happen by mistake and takes a trained professional to get your pool opening done correctly.

  • System Diagnostics
  • Install Equipment Plugs
  • Install Return Fittings
  • Install Rails and Skimmer Baskets
  • Start Equipment
  • Lube Safety Cover Anchors
  • Verify Heater Operation
    • Heater will be turned off when we leave

Minor repairs under $75 will be done to ensure proper operation of your pool equipment &/or heater. This may include (but not limited to) Gaskets, Anti-Electrolysis Basket Fitting, Backwash Hose, Check Valve Flapper, etc. 
All major repairs will be noted and quoted for you.


The following is added to the pool plus the standard opening.

  • 1 Bottle of Algaecide
  • 2lbs of Shock or 2 Gallons of Liquid Shock

The following is added to the pool plus the standard opening.

  • 1 Bottle of Algaecide
  • 2lbs of Shock or 2 Gallons of Liquid Shock

In addition to adding the above chemicals, we will also clean out your saltwater chlorine generator.

Pool Opening a One-Stop Delivery for all your Pool Items

Did you know most chemicals from large online & catalog companies come from China / foreign companies? Foreign pool chemicals contain fillers and additives that have NOTHING to do with pool chemistry; fillers cost less than the active ingredients that actually help your pool. US-based chemicals purchased from Penguin Pools are stronger, cost the SAME, are warrantied and batch controlled by the manufacturer.

Purchase one of our discounted yearly pool chemical packages and we will deliver it at your pool opening. No need to run to the store, we will drop it off for you.

  • 1 Bottle of Algaecide
  • 50lbs of Chlorine (USA Made)
  • 1 Case of Chlorine Shock
  • 1 Bottles of Weekly Enzyme
    1. 4oz - 6oz per Week
  1. 1 Bottle of Algaecide
  2. 2 Bottles of Weekly Enzyme
    1. 4oz - 6oz per week
  3. 2 – 10lb. Bags of Premium Privista Salt with Balancers and De-Scaling
  4. 1 Case of Shock

We also offer the following additional swimming pool services to take even more hassle out of your swimming pool maintenance.

  • Remove and Fold Up Safety Cover $75
  • Premium Pool Salt with Scale Inhibitors and Balancers $20/bag
  • Test Strips $8.99
  • New nets, poles, vacs
  • New Auto Cleaner or Auto Cleaner repair