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Tick and Mosquito Spraying FAQ

We sincerely wish that we could kill 100% of the pests for you, however, no one can kill all the ticks and mosquitoes in your backyard. 

A gust of wind can push mosquitoes from an adjacent yard onto your property and bite you prior to feeding on the treated vegetation. However, you’ll find that with our Tick and Mosquito Control the presence of mosquitoes and ticks is enormously reduced. 

Our tick and mosquito control will kill up to 95% of the pests in your yard. Our solution is contact based, so any tick or mosquito we don't directly hit when we spray MUST land on a treated area. Once they land and feed on the treated area, they will be killed. 

Pests flying into your yard are still able to bite you prior to landing on a treated area.

Our tick and mosquito control solution has excellent residual activity; however, due to weather conditions (rain, cold, wind, etc.) it is impossible to determine how long it will last. In general, treatments will last 21 - 30 days.

Penguin Pool's treatments will definitely kill wasps that are on the property, provided they come in contact with the solution or something that has been sprayed with the solution. In addition to ticks, mosquitoes, and wasps, our spraying service will also kill over 70 other insects and pests that might be around your home. You can view all the targeted insects from spraying.

Penguin Pools recommends starting treatment at the end of May with the last treatment near the end of September. If we can treat the area prior to or at the start of mosquito activity, we can kill the small population that is present and also prevent large hatchings and breeding of new insects.

Mosquito eggs can last 6-7 years before hatching, so reducing and killing those eggs will help keep your yard bug free for future years.

Yes, our products are safe for all pets and humans! They are EPA registered and approved to control pests on residential, public, commercial, and industrial buildings, plus lawns, ornamentals, parks, recreational areas and athletic fields. 

Once the spray is dry (approximately 30 minutes after treatment), your family and pets can enjoy the property safely and comfortably. 

Yes, we offer an all-natural solution to your tick and mosquito control, HOWEVER, it is a repellant vs. contact killer. The natural solution can be sprayed near, on, or over waterways with zero effect on the environment.

Natural solutions are less effective than our standard spraying solution and don't last as long.

The product when sprayed will not have an effect on your swimming pool, however, our technicians are trained to not spray the pool.

Any watering of sprayed areas will shorten the amount of time your application is effective. The more you water and have moist/wet surfaces, the more you will create IDEAL conditions for mosquitoes to live and breed. If your yard has been sprayed for ticks, watering it would reduce the effectiveness as well & also give mosquitoes a place to live.

Tick and Mosquito Spraying FAQ Brookfield