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Targeted Insects from Spraying

When Penguin Pools arrives to spray your yard, our focus is on eliminating the mosquito population. With our service, you receive the added benefit of controlling the population of other pests in addition to the mosquito control. Following is a list of some of the other bugs that are affected by our spraying system.

Targeting Insects from Spraying Waukesha


Carry diseases and often hitch rides on humans, pets, and rodents.

Mosquito Spraying Company Waukesha

Stink Bugs

Very smelly when crushed or killed and can walk through very small openings.

Mosquito Company Spraying Service Wwaukesha

Wasps & Hornets

These flying nuisances can sting and cause problems in any backyard. Very dangerous to those having allergic reactions.

Penguin Pools kills Mosquitoes Milwaukee


Cockroaches typically enter homes to find water but can live in damp, shaded areas just like mosquitoes.

Mosquito Control Oconomowoc


They bite dogs, cats, and humans. Fleas are tiny and reproduce quickly.

Mosquito Yard Control Brookfield


Cause major damage to any wood related items.

Mosquito Yard Protection Hartland

Japanese Beetles

Known pest to many flowers, trees, and fruits.

Mosquito Bite Protection Muskego

Boxelder Bugs

Try to enter the home to stay warm and seem to take over the house!

Mosquito Spraying Contractor Waukesha

Asian Beetles

Prefer a warm environment and try to enter the home to stay warm.

Mosquito Service Company Milwaukee


Will create a web to help control flying insects, but will leave or die when there is no food source for them.

Mosquito Killers Delafield


Ants bite and multiply quickly. Carpenter ants can create more damage than termites. Fire ants bite and cause a painful burn.

Mosquito Spraying Pests New Berlin

Over 70 Different Pests

Our service kills over 70 different bugs and pests.

Here is the link if you want additional information on the Penguin Pools way on How to Spray for Mosquitoes.