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Mosquito Spraying Guarantee

Your complete satisfaction and yard enjoyment is important to us. While we would love to give a Mosquito Spraying Guarantee that you will never see a Mosquito in your backyard, that isn't realistic. A 15mph wind can blow over 5,000 mosquitoes into your property.
Mosquito control is NEVER 100%. If anyone tells you they will spray and kill 100% of the mosquitoes in your yard, THEY ARE LYING.

Our goals are to kill the bug population on your property, prevent them from growing again, and then kill any mosquitoes and ticks that come within your living space after. View the Penguin Pools process on How to spray for Mosquitoes in the backyard.

Mosquito Spraying Guarantee Merton

Penguin Pools feels confident that, regardless of weather, our product will continue to work at reducing the number of flying insects on your property for a minimum of 3 weeks. The Penguin Pools mosquito application is known as a contact killer. Any mosquitoes landing on a treated surface in your yard will die. 

A good Mosquito Spraying Guarantee will always re-treat the are if needed. If we need to re-treat your yard in less than 3 weeks, we will do it free of charge!

To enforce a good Mosquito Spraying Guarantee, you need to know what constitutes a need for re-treatment of your yard. This process isn't 100% but will give you an idea on where your mosquitoes are.

On a hot sunny day, go around your yard and shake some of the bushes and low hanging tree branches. If mosquitoes come flying out, you definitely need another application. Our Mosquito Spraying Guarantee will give you that for FREE within 3 weeks of the initial spraying. 

If you don't see a lot of mosquitoes coming out of the bushes, chances are the mosquitoes you did see are from neighboring lots and will die once they hit a treated surface.

The best way to reduce your mosquitoes is to have the properties adjacent to yours also get Penguin Pools mosquito control.