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Mosquito Spraying Cost

Tick and Mosquito control is imperative for a fun and enjoyable yard. We have put together our Mosquito Spraying Cost in a clear and straight forward manner.

Discounts . . .

  • If you refer a new customer that signs up for a 3 or 7 spray package, you will receive 1 Free Spraying
  • For every year that customer renews with us, you will receive 50% off 1 spraying
    • (you will be responsible for verifying this renewal as it will not occur automatically.)

Remember, the more of your neighbors that have tick and mosquito control, the better everyone's backyard will be! Your Mosquito Spraying Cost is the start to a happy backyard.

Mosquito Spraying Cost Milwaukee
Prices Include up to 3/4 Acre with "Normal" Vegetation

Spraying / Mosquito Season is Typically from May - September

Specialized Formula for all areas. Most effective.

  • $95 / per application for a prepaid full season (7 applications, includes growth inhibitor)
  • $100 / per application if prepaid (Minimum of 3 Applications, includes growth inhibitor)
  • $125 / per application for single treatments (growth inhibitor extra + $50)

Natural Formulation that is safe around water (stream, lakes, ponds). Slightly less effective.

  • $115 / per application for a prepaid full season (7 applications with growth inhibitor)
  • $125 / per application if prepaid (Minimum of 3 Applications, includes growth inhibitor)
  • $155 / per application for single treatments (growth inhibitor extra + $50)

**Additional foliage or lot size larger than ¾ acre is billed out by the gallon of additional liquid needed to spray.

$15 / gallon liquid spray

Due to the vast differences with buildings and client needs, we request that you contact Penguin Pools with the details of your property to get custom pricing. Services start at $125/application.

Do you want to make sure your wedding, birthday party, graduation, or any special event is pest free? Well, then a mosquito treatment is the way to go. We can help you out by spraying prior to the party to help eliminate the flying pest in your back yard. The size of the location plays a part in the cost, but typically, a 1-time heavy knockdown sprays start around $150 for the application. 

If you want an even better result, we can come out a month prior to the event and do an "initial" spray to help ensure quality tick and mosquito control for your party.

If ticks are taking control of your yard and stopping you from enjoying your outdoor space, we can specifically treat for them over the course of the season. Tick control is a long-term process and generally starts with other factors that are outside of your control.

Contact Penguin Pools so that we can add tick traps (non-toxic) around the property. Our product is non-toxic and safe for humans and pets.

$100 for up to 1 Acre