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How to Spray for Mosquitoes

At Penguin Pools, our goal is to help you better enjoy your backyard by removing pests and delivering the best tick and mosquito control available.

How to Spray for Mosquitoes?
Our process of mosquito control is designed to effectively:

- Kill existing ticks and mosquitoes

-  Prevent existing and new baby mosquitoes from growing up

-  Kill new mosquitoes that come into your yard.

We achieve this by spraying a formulated product through a specialized sprayer to common hiding areas for ticks and mosquitoes. Shady, cool, wet or moist areas are a perfect breeding location. We spray bushes, trees, vegetation and parts of your lawn where ticks and mosquitoes might live or breed. Mosquitoes generally live on the underside of leaves to protect themselves from the hot sun during the day, so we always try to get the underside of foliage as well. 

How to Spray for Mosquitoes Waukesha

Kill Existing Ticks and Mosquitoes

Our process at Penguin Pools starts with killing the current mosquitoes on your property. Our special solution gets sprayed around your yard and dries within 30-60 minutes. The residual that is left is still toxic to ticks, mosquitoes and the other Targeted Insects from Spraying. When the pests land on a sprayed surface, they absorb the residual and die shortly after.

This residual last for 21 - 30 days before it needs to be resprayed again.

The specialized liquid solution is  EPA registered and can even be used around livestock.

Prevent Existing and Baby Mosquitoes from Growing Up

Adult insects bite, transmit, and breed. Penguin Pools will spray your yard with a growth inhibitor. This product is specifically designed to maintain long-term tick and mosquito control in your yard. By disrupting their growth pattern, the insects are prevented from maturing into adults where they then turn into the pests that disrupt our summer activities. This product stays active for up to 7 months, so one application at the beginning of the season is all that is needed.

Yearly use of the growth inhibitor will make tick and mosquito control easier and more consistent from year to year. The best part is that Penguin Pools DOESN'T CHARGE EXTRA FOR THIS! This is part of our process and comes built into our Mosquito Spraying Cost.

Killing New Mosquitoes

The last step in our process is to try and kill any mosquitoes that come in from other yards or get blown in by the wind. 

The main step is to remove any standing water on the property so mosquitoes aren’t attracted to your yard for breeding. Also removing low hanging fruit or picking up those that have fallen on the ground forces mosquitoes and ticks to migrate to foliage where we have already sprayed.

If you do have standing water that you can't remove, we have a non-toxic product that can be placed in the water to kill existing bugs and prevent others from making a home there.

You will have THE BEST tick and mosquito control if properties adjacent to yours are also getting sprayed. To help you get the best out of this service, we offer group pricing and referral discounts.

View our Tick and Mosquito Spraying FAQ.