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Tick & Mosquito Control

Your best mosquito control for your backyard or outdoor living space

Mosquitoes ruining your outside time are annoying and even worse, they can carry diseases. We can help by using a mosquito control treatment that will allow you to use your yard bug-free.

At Penguin Pools, we target the area around your home and the plants in your yard. Our process requires the mosquitoes to come in contact with the solution that we spray, so we focus on the areas that they like to hang out. Good mosquito control starts with removing standing water.

For optimal mosquito control, we recommend spraying regularly throughout the season rather than trying to kill them all after they have already hatched. 

Waukesha Mosquito Control Company

We Kill More than Just Mosquitoes

Ticks, Wasps/Hornets, Cockroaches, Fleas, Termites & 70 other Bugs

Does Mosquito Spraying Work in Milwaukee & Waukesha? Not only does it work, but Penguin Pools bug spraying service also kills more than just mosquitoes! While other companies charge more for this additional service, we do it without having to add anything different to the process.

One of the additional bugs that our spraying service hits are ticks. Ticks carry Lyme disease & Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever and affect thousands of humans annually. Ticks travel across your outdoor landscaping and patios until they catch a ride on an animal or human. Tick infestation is very serious and all ticks should be removed right away. Follow these steps to remove a tick from your body.

Wasps and Hornets are another yard nuisance and are especially dangerous if you are allergic to them, so early detection and removal is imperative. Our system kills these flying nuisances when they land on any area that we spray.

Our Process to Treat your Yard for Tick & Mosquitoes

Tick and Mosquito Control in Pewuakee

There are a few things you can do before we arrive to spray your yard.

            - Check for standing water. If you find standing water, remove it as quickly as possible. If standing water occurs naturally in your yard, we can offer a product that is non- hazardous that is dropped in the water to prevent mosquito growth.

            - Adult mosquitoes, the ones that bite, are generally found in shaded areas of your yard,        resting in vegetation during the day to avoid the sun. Trimming down overgrowth of weeds and non-essential vegetation will help eliminate these hiding places.

You can view the Penguin Pools process of how to spray for mosquitoes here.

Targeted Insects from Spraying Milwaukee

Targeted Insects from Spraying

We have proved a list of Targeted Insects from Spraying so you can see everything that is targeted.

Mosquito Spraying Waukesha

The Mosquito Control Process

Here you can view how Penguin Pools sprays for mosquitoes at your home, office or building. This is our process on How to Spray for Mosquitoes.


Mosquito Spraying Cost Brookfield

Mosquito Spraying Cost

We publish our Mosquito Spraying Cost so you know prior to calling what we are going to charge.

Mosquito Spraying Guarantee Sussex

Mosquito Spraying Guarantee

We can't kill every mosquito but we will tell you what our Mosquito Spraying Guarantee covers.