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Tags: Inground Pools, Pool Service

What is Involved in Opening a Pool

Opening a Swimming Pool is involved and must be done correctly to get your pool set for the season. It is more involved than just flipping a switch and walking away.

If you are unsure of the process or don’t want to deal with it, make sure to get a pool contractor that does swimming pool services. They will be able to get your pool opened for the pool season. 

Opening a Pool is Step 1 To a Great Pool Season

The weather is getting warmer and the kids are excited to have summer right around the corner. Lets get the pool opening on the books and have it ready to use for the season. When you open your pool, your water will need some maintenance in additional to just starting the system up. Properly understanding what needs to be done and what should be done, will make your pool season much easier for the following months.

Start your Pool Filtration

The steps for opening a swimming pool isn’t the hardest thing to do if you have had a swimming pool for a few years, however opening a pool is always recommended with a company that specializes in swimming pool services.

  • Remove the plugs from your pool returns & skimmers.
  • Install the pump, filter & heater plugs that were removed at the swimming pool closing.
  • Drain or add pool water to get it to the correct operating level (midway up the skimmer opening).
  • Prime your swimming pool pump and start running water through the filtration system.
  • Yearly Heater maintenance and checkup.

Opening a Pool Requires Chemical Balancing

Getting your pool pump running is just one aspect of opening a pool, the main part is getting your chemicals balanced. If you are opening your swimming pool and the chemicals aren’t balanced, you can do SERIOUS damage to your pool equipment. Don’t run your heater if your chemicals aren’t balanced!

  • Adjust your pH
  • Adjust your alkalinity
  • Adjust your chlorine level
  • Kill any algae & treat for any metals in your pool

Using pool contractors with a reputation for swimming pool services is always going to be your best best when opening a swimming pool. Knowing the correct items for opening a pool and what is needed will ensure that you have a successful swim season without equipment breakdowns.