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Variable Speed Inground Swimming Pool Pump Saves You Money

January 25, 2013

Your inground swimming pool has to use electricity to circulate the water from your pool to the equipment pad. Then your pool uses more electricity to circulate the water back to your pool. The harder it is to move the water back and forth to your swimming pool equipment, the more electricity you are going to use, and the more money you’ll need to spend to keep your pool in working order.

Good Pool Hydraulics are a Must

Your goal is to move the most water possible, with the least amount of resistance, at the slowest pump speed possible. Less resistance = More Flow = Slower Pump Speed = Optimizing your Filter = Cleaner Pool = Great $$$ Savings

Variable Speed Inground Swimming Pool Pumps Save you the MOST Money

Variable speed inground swimming pool pump allows you to control how fast the pump spins directly controlling how much pool water you move. In order to make your variable speed pool pump ultra efficient, you must have proper plumbing pool hydraulics. Pool hydraulics is it’s own class, but to make it simple use these simple rules.

  • NEVER use flex pipe also known as spa flex
    • Rigid Schedule 40 PVC should be used
  • NEVER use 1.5″ plumbing
    • 2″ plumbing is the minimum sized plumbing used to & from the swimming pool to the equipment pad

Your Pool Plumbing Pipes, Pump, and Filter Matter

  1. Only use hard pipe PVC, not flexible PVC or “Black Poly Pipe” that require barb & clamps
  2. Use a variable speed pump (example :: Pentair IntiliFlo) to control the amount of water you move
  3. Use the correct size filter to prevent flow restrictions

When replacing your old pool pump, make sure to have a swimming pool builder or a swimming pool services company do the work.

What it would cost you to run a 21,000 gallon pool per day? – per Pentair Manufacturing

  • 2″ Flex Pipe + 1hp Pool Pump + 12hr a day = $543/yr . . . Expensive
  • 2″ Flex Pip + Variable Speed Inground Swimming Pool Pump + 24hr a day = $312 / year . . . Pricey
  • 2″ PVC + Variable Speed Inground Swimming Pool Pump + 24hr a day = $41.54 / year . . . GREAT SAVING BATMAN