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How much does a Pool Liner Replacement Cost?

January 9, 2017

A vinyl liner replacement for your inground pool can vary in price based on where you live in the country. Highly populated area might have a lot of competition driving the price down, versus other areas that don’t have as many qualified swimming pool services.

Pool Liner Replacement Cost

On standard rectangle or Grecian pools you are going to be looking at roughly $3,500 + water. That includes draining the old pool, removing the liner, minor bottom repair, along with new gaskets for your lights, skimmers, main drains, returns, and wall mounted fountains.

For free form shapes or a pool with excessive curves / bends, the price will be closer to $4,500 there are a lot more measurements to make sure your liner fits perfectly.

Companies that offer swimming pool services will have many different liners to choose from. Some will charge more for a thicker liner, while others have that built into their pool liner replacement cost. Standard vinyl liners are 20 mil with a 15 year pro-rated warranty.
Upgrades can be done if you want a 30 mil liner, a solid pattern, or foam on the floor of your pool.
You can view liner options here.

In certain circumstances it might be necessary to turn your main drain system into a sump system to alleviate water issue with your pool or to prevent future “floating liners“.

If your pool builder offers swimming pool services, make sure they list everything you are getting and what is included.