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Custom Inground Pool Steps

Custom Inground Pool Steps Brookfield, WIPenguin Pools offers many different types of steps for your vinyl liner inground swimming pool, but adding a step with the vinyl liner covering it the best way to go.  When you have custom inground pool steps with the vinyl liner covering it, it looks clean, seamless, and unique. When creating your vinyl liner covered step, the only thing that limits us is your imagination.

Types of Vinyl Liner Covered Steps

Penguin Pools has the ability to build your pool steps out of a couple of different materials depending on the size and shape of the step.

  1. Custom Concrete Pool Steps
  2. Custom Steel Pool Steps
  3. Polymer Pool Steps
  4. Drop In Steel Pool Step (for remodels and existing pools)

Each one of the above types of custom steps have their own added benefits based on the situation and size of the step. Some locations of the US also dictate pricing on raw materials, which then changes what product we use for your steps.

History States Vinyl Liner Covered Steps still Dominate

Custom inground pool steps are the oldest and most reliable steps available and have been for years. In the past, the vinyl liner would just sit on the step making it move each time you walked on it. Today’s steps have a beaded liner at the bottom of each riser so the liner doesn’t move when you walk on it, ensuring a perfect fit.

Custom inground pool steps give you a real WOW factor if you are getting an automatic pool cover, as most people don’t expect to see a beautiful intricate step as the cover opens.

You can create or design any type of custom step, and we can fabricate it for you.

Penguin Pools also can install bubblers in any of our custom inground pool steps; bubblers are a great way to create a simple water feature and also keep your custom steps cleaner. Each Bubbler costs $600.

Corner Steps w/2nd Tread Bench

Simple Corner Steps

Vinyl Liner Stool

Full End Steps w/Custom Sun Shelf

Corner Steps w/Mini Side Benches

End Steps w/Side Benches

Corner Steps w/Large Top Landing

Full Width End Steps

Roman Steps

End Steps w/Side Benches

Radius Roman Walk-In Step

Wedding Cake Steps

Corner Step w/Bench

Wedding Cake Step w/Large Top Tread