Nothing is as COOL as a POOL

Pool Decking for an inground pool is simply the flatwork around your pool. It can be standard or stamped concrete, pavers, natural stone, or even wood. Each of the different materials will have its own associated cost, but Penguin Pools has the ability to get you whatever you like so that it fits the best with your pool, your family's needs, and the surroundings of the yard.

The area around your pool can be one of the main focal points of your pool area. There are many options for you to consider, each with its own benefits and price.

In our opinion, stone or pavers around a pool look the best as they have a warm rich feel to them. A paver coping around the pool also gives your pool dimension and an added pop that most pools don't have.

If there are 2 pieces of concrete/flat work that come together, mainly when new concrete butts up to old concrete, there is usually a need for a deck drain. The deck drain will take the water from the 2 areas of flatwork and channel it away.
The cost for deck drain is $15/foot.

If you plan to build a pool house that requires a thickened edge (sometimes called a grade beam) to handle the weight of the structure, the cost is $12/sq.ft of the pool house area.

Standard Brushed Concrete

$10.50 sq.ft

Colored Concrete Pool Decking

$15 sq.ft

Stamped Concrete Pool Decking

$25+ sq.ft

Grey Aluminum Bullnose Coping

Standard on All Pools

Cantilevered Pool Coping

$100 / Linear Foot

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Stone Pool Decking

$20 - $30+ / sq.ft

Stamped Inlays

Priced by Quote

Stone Coping Around Pool

$40 / ft no Pavers Included; ...... $50 / Linear Ft for 6" Wide Pavers; ...... Free-Form Pools $70 / Linear Ft