Nothing is as COOL as a POOL

Your inground Pool Pump is the heart of your pool equipment. If your pump isn’t running, nothing else is either. The pool pump pulls water from your pool and pushes it through the equipment back to your pool. Pumps are sized by the amount of water you have in your pool and quantity of water features you need to supply (slides, fountains, waterfalls, etc.) And, the good news? Each Penguin Pool package comes with a pool pump included, sized to meet the needs of your swimming pool.

The Bigger is Better Swimming Pool Pump Mentality

For years people have been putting in oversized pumps because “bigger is better”. On the surface, that would seem to make sense. Unfortunately, the “bigger is better” pump mentality is 100% wrong! If you’re using a pump that is too powerful for the size of your pool, you’re wasting valuable energy dollars and creating inefficiencies that can cause bigger problems in the long run. Penguin Pools sizes the pool pump that you need and rather than doing a one size fits all mentality.

VS Pool Pump

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At Penguin Pools, our philosophy is to change the pump speed to cater to the needs of your swimming pool. By changing the speeds of the pool pump, you can control the amount of water being moved vs. single speed pumps that only moves at one speed (which is usually more than you need).

Pentair VS Pump - $1,600 (Best Buy)

Traditional pool pumps run at one, maybe two speeds, but you aren’t able to control what speed that is or the amount of water being moved. Pentair Variable Speed Pump allows you to set the speed of the pump to allow for the amount of water you need to move for that application. Why move 80 gallons a minute when your waterfall needs 30 gallons, or your slide needs 20 gpm? This variable speed pool pump utilizes the simple fundamental law of pumps:
Slower moving pumps consume less power!
By running your pool pump longer at a slower speed you will:

  • Use less electricity
  • Have cleaner water
  • More balanced chemicals
  • More evenly balanced water temperature
  • Easier to Prime your Pump

Pentair’s permanent magnet motor (same as in Hybrid Cars) has many additional features that are a result of being a better pool pump.  The pump is the quietest pump on the market and at low speeds, you might not even know it is on.  Since the magnet motor produces less heat and vibration, it creates less wear on the pump components and other pool equipment . . . that means longer life and greater returns on your investment.

Pentair WhisperFlo - $1,600 (single speed)

Here is the pricing for a Traditional 1-Speed pump, HOWEVER, these pool pumps aren’t recommended at all. They will never save you money like a variable speed pump.

½ hp – $825
¾ hp – $999; Best used in a swimming pool with < 20,000 gallons of water
1 hp – $1,099; Best used in a swimming pool with 20,000 – 26,000 gallons of water
1½ hp – $1,199; Best used in a swimming pool with 26,000+ gallons of water or smaller pools with water features
2 hp – $1,299