Nothing is as COOL as a POOL

Penguin Pools Only Uses Anti-Vortex Main Drains

Each Penguin Pool gets dual main drains to further reduce the chance of injury and meet APSP guidelines!

Any pool over 36′ long automatically gets 2 skimmers for maximum pool circulation.

The drains are installed in the deep end of the swimming pool. We put in main drains that are ANTI-VORTEX. With anti-vortex main drains, the worry about anyone or anything becoming trapped due to extreme suction is GREATLY reduced! Some say that the anti-vortex are 100%, but you should always have proper safety when swimming around the main drain on the bottom of the pool.

Pool skimmers sit at the surface of the water and catch floating debris. Penguin Pools uses wide-mouth pool skimmers that are fully automatic and have a large capacity. Molded out of durable, non-corrosive ABS material, these skimmers are ::

Penguin Pools is now offering concrete pour-a-lid so that your skimmer lids blend in directly with the concrete.

Each Skimmer Lid Costs :: $55