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I-Beam Pool Wall Brace

The Strongest most Advanced Wall and Deck Support in the Pool Industry

The problem with traditional steel pool construction is the "live load" or tons of weight from the pool deck and surrounding soil that constantly presses down and inward on the walls. At Penguin Pools we use our time-tested I-Beam Pool Wall Brace to better and evenly distribute this weight down to the footings.

Each I-Beam is brace is attached in six placed up and down the entire height of the wall, then we fill in the I-Beam pool wall brace with solid concrete, making them an integral part of a one-piece foundation system.

The strongest pool wall brace is the I-Beam brace, DON'T believe the competitors that say putting a sono tube of concrete does the same thing . . . IT DOESN'T !

The I-Beam Pool Wall Brace goes around the pool in 3' - 6' increments and will help your decking from settling and shifting as natural voids are created.

IBeam pool braces are also great for water features, raised bond beams, walls, waterfalls, or any landscape feature that may create additional weight next to the pool. By taking the live load of the weight and evenly distributing it over the entire bond beam; you reduce the stress on the pool wall and surrounding soils.

The I-Beam Pool Brace has been called the strongest brace in the pool industry by the APSP (Association of Pool and Spa Professionals) and it only provided by Penguin Pools in WI & MN. The I-Beam pool brace can be used on steel walled vinyl liner pools; however, if you are looking for the strongest vinyl liner pool in the industry, look no further than Penguin Pool's polymer pool with the I-Beam Brace.