Nothing is as COOL as a POOL

When you live in Southeastern Wisconsin & MN, you must close your pool down each year for the winter. Closing your pool down helps to ensure that your pool doesn’t get damaged or risking freezing your plumbing lines. A Pool safety cover is primarily used to winterize your pool at the end of the season.

Benefits of a Pool Safety Cover

Penguin Pools safety cover is made of an extremely strong mesh material that can support several hundred pounds without collapsing. Meaning that a two or three full-grown adults could comfortably stand on the cover without worry!

  • Most importantly: SAFETY
  • Mesh pool safety cover is anchored to your pool decking for safety
  • Winterizing your pool keeps winter debris out, making it easier to open in the spring
  • A Safety Cover allows snow to melt into the pool, raising the level of the water
  • Debris is easily removed prior to removing the cover, preventing it from going into the pool
  • Our covers block 99% of the sun coming through the cover, allowing for cleaner water when you open your pool for the year. We use Lathams 7000MS Mesh!

Rectangle Safety Cover Prices by Size

  1. 12′ x 24′ : Price – $2,299
  2. 14′ x 28′ : Price – $2,399
  3. 16′ x 32′ : Price – $2,499
  4. 18′ x 36′ : Price – $2,599
  5. 20′ x 40′ : Price – $2,699

A Pool Safety Cover for a Free Form Pool is priced out on a per-pool basis as it will be custom-made compared to the simple rectangle sizes above. Please contact us for a quote.

Installation of your Pool Safety Cover is done when your pool is closed in the fall and costs $275, this price isn’t included in the cost of the cover.

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Why Auto Covers AREN'T used to Winterize Pools

Here is a good example of what can happen if the water is lowered a little bit and an auto cover is used to winterize your pool. A simple pool closing will cost tens of thousands of dollars to fix the cover, pool, concrete, plumbing . . .