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Get Ultra-Seam™ Technology With Your New Vinyl Liner Patterns

Penguin Pools uses the exclusive Ultra-Seam™ process makes floor seams stronger and virtually invisible. With this technology, there will be no more visible lines on the floor detracting from the beauty of your pool! This exclusive process is state-of-the-art in vinyl liner patterns and they are now STANDARD on all Penguin Pools.

Penguin Pools’ Vinyl Liner Patterns

We are always adding new vinyl liner selections, currently, we have over 40 available patterns to choose from for your vinyl liner pool. How can we have so many available options when other pool builders in Southeast Wisconsin only have a few to choose from? Simple. We are a K-Pro Builder with Kafko Manufacturing, which gives us access to their entire inventory of liners! Kafko has been creating stunning vinyl liner patterns since the 1990s, and they are the only ones Penguin Pools trusts to build our liners.

Vinyl Liner Patterns Pricing and Warranty

The vinyl liners we use have a 15-year pro-rated warranty. And, because of our relationship with Kafko, there is a full replacement warranty within the first 2 years if there is a manufacturer’s defect due to production. Simply contact Penguin Pools.

View what your Liner will look like RIGHT NOW !

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Solid Pattern Liners (no tile line) = $130
Vinyl Liner Upcharge to go over Steel Steps = $385