Nothing is as COOL as a POOL

Penguin Pools offers diving boards to all our clients in Southeastern Wisconsin and Minneapolis. Whether you need a replacement diving board for the new pool season, or are looking to add a new feature to your pool, we’ve got you covered. Not all swimming pools can or should have a diving board, please see our guidelines below to determine if your pool is a good fit.

Is My Pool Right for a Diving Board?

Penguin Pools can make virtually any swimming pool we build a diving pool, but remember for pools that are less than 32′, your shallow end will be greatly sacrificed!

  • Typically, if your swimming pool is at least 32′ long and 8′ deep, we would be very comfortable considering this a diving pool.
  • If your pool is less than 32′ long and less than 8′ deep, we’d consider this a non-diving pool, and is not a great fit for a diving board.

Penguin Pools Offers 2 Types of Diving Boards for Inground Pools

Penguin Pools offers two different styles of diving boards based on how much “spring” you want out of your diving board. Other Southeastern Wisconsin pool builders will only offer their customers a standard diving board, but not Penguin Pools. We offer both passive and active diving boards.

  1. Passive Diving Board – these boards are more stiff, so that only the board flexes, limiting the amount of spring and air the diver gets.
  2. Active Diving Board – these boards are mounted to a spring that provides more “air” when diver jumps

Please Note: 6′ Diving Boards are the standard on all pool unless you have an automatic pool cover. Penguin Pools will install an 8′ board (the extra 2′ is needed to go over the auto cover box).

The TruTread diving board on a Flyte Deck system is a standard passive diving board that is simple yet sleek. Penguin Pools uses these diving boards for their great texture and they are also salt friendly.

Grey TruTread Diving Board PewaukeeThese passive diving boards must have a deep-end that is at minimum a 6′ long, a 14′ ramp, and 8′ deep, Type II pool.
6′ Board Setback = 12.9″
8′ Board Setback = 26.6″

Passive Diving Board Prices

  • 6′ TruTread Flyte-Deck II (White) : Price – $1,699
  • 6′ TruTread Flyte-Deck II (Grey) : Price – $1,799
  • 8′ TruTread Flyte-Deck II (White) : Price – $1.899
  • 8′ TruTread Flyte-Deck II (Grey) : Price – $1,999

The Salt Pool Jump System (with TruTread) from SR Smith is a great diving board system. These boards actively spring and you get more lift than a standard passive diving board.

Penguin Pools TruTread Diving Board WaukeshaThe 6′ active diving board must have a deep-end that is at minimum 6′ long, a 14′ ramp and 8′ deep, Type II pool.
6′ Setback = 13.6″

The 8′ active diving board must have a deep-end that is 7′ long, a 16’6″ ramp, and is 8.5′ deep, Type III pool.
8′ Setback = 31″

Active Diving Board Prices

  • 6′ Salt Pool Jump System (Grey) :: $2,99
  • 8′ Salt Pool Jump System (Grey) :: $3,199