Nothing is as COOL as a POOL

Penguin Pools has a large choice of pool options and add-ons to meet all your swimming pool needs. Many times people don’t realize what can or can’t be done in an inground swimming pool. That’s where Penguin Pools enters the picture. We’ve been building swimming pools in Southeastern Wisconsin since the early 2000's; we’ll not only create the pool of your dreams but also help you achieve the backyard area you’ve been dreaming about. We will go over what you want and how you want to use your swimming pool so that we can design the pool area of your dreams. Let your imagination go wild with all these pool options!

Below you’ll find all the all the swimming pool options and upgrades we offer. We’ve ordered these selections, in the same manner, would go over them with you in person, starting with swimming pool equipment, moving into any pool accessories you can add-on to your inground pool, and ending with swimming pool fencing and decking pool options.

  1. Vinyl Liner Selctions - the color of your vinyl liner pool.
  2. Pool Pumps – the heart of your swimming pool equipment, circulates the water in your pool
  3. Filters and Media – removes the dirt and debris from the water that your pump moves
  4. Sanitation – kills the bacteria in your pool water after it gets cleaned from the filter
  5. Heaters – heats your swimming pool water
  6. Automation Systems – controls your pool equipment automatically or remotely
  7. Infusion Swimming Pool Returns – enhance circulation and Deep Heat by drawing warmer surface water through strategically placed louvers thrusting it to the floor of the pool
  8. Main Drains & Skimmers – ports that take water from the pool to the pool pump
  9. Coping – powder coated aluminum that sits on top of the pool wall to hold the liner, auto cover, and concrete
  10. I-Beam Pool Braces - Strongest pool braces in the Vinyl Liner Industry.

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  1. Pool Lighting – choose the style and type of lighting
  2. Pool Cleaners – automatic devices to clean your pool
  3. Diving Boards – passive or active diving boards to choose from
  4. Slides – fun entry point for kids, many to choose from
  5. Water Features – add style and flair to your pool with fountains, laminars, and waterfalls
  6. Spill-Over-Spas – spa connected to your pool that can spill into the pool if you like
  7. Basketball & Volleyball
  8. Pool Art – add your favorite picture, logo, or your name to the bottom of your pool

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  1. Automatic Pool Covers . . . best safety for any pool
  2. Solar Covers
  3. Safety Covers . . . best way to protect your pool in the winter.

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  1. Steps – choose from custom vinyl liner covered or fiberglass steps
  2. Ladders – choose from stainless steel, powder coated, or fiberglass

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  1. Fencing – choose from several types of fencing
  2. Decking – choose from concrete, wood, or stone designs

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