Nothing is as COOL as a POOL

Penguin Pools is determined to show you the vinyl liner pool construction process. We want you to know what is going to happen and when it’s going to happen.

Vinyl Liner Pool Construction Process for Inground Pools

The process goes fast: generally 10 business days from the time we dig to the time you are ready for concrete. But prepare yourself, it is a huge mess. Remember, we are performing major construction and moving a lot of earth to make your backyard oasis.

Penguin Pools is a Certified K-Pro builder for Kafko Manufacturing & Latham Pools, which offers you greater warranties and peace of mind. We adhere to strict building policies and code of ethics, even when we building a vinyl liner pool on rock.

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Construction Timelapse Videos

Step-by-Step Vinyl Liner Pool Construction Pictures

Step 1:
Penguin Pools Excavates the Backyard for Vinyl Liner Pools

Step 2:
Penguin Pools Trucks the Dirt off of Job Site

Step 3:
Penguin Pools Verifies the Pool Elevations

Step 4:
Penguin Pools Sets the Pool Walls

Step 5:
Penguin Pools Installs and Stakes the Pool Walls

Step 6:
Penguin Pools Runs the Pool Plumbing Lines

Step 7:
Penguin Pools Pours Concrete Beam around Swimming Pool

Step 8:
Penguin Pools Preps and Installs the Main Pool Drains

Step 9:
Penguin Pools Sets & Plumbs Swimming Pool Equipment

Step 10:
Penguin Pools Pours Swimming Pool Bottom

Step 11:
Penguin Pools Installs Pool Coping

Step 12:
Penguin Pools Backfills the Swimming Pool

Step 13:
Penguin Pools Installs the Vinyl Liner

Step 14:
Penguin Pools Sucks the Air from Behind Vinyl Liner

Step 15:
Penguin Pools Fills Your Vinyl Liner Pool with Water

Step 16:
Penguin Pools Install Auto Cover

Step 17:
Penguin Pools Pours Concrete Around Your Pool

Step 18:
Penguin Pools Stamps the Concrete

Step 19:
Penguin Pools Installs Aluminum Fencing Around the Pool

20′ x 50′ Rectangle with Auto Cover, Automation System, Retaining Walls and Stone Decking.

20′ x 45′ Rectangle Pool with Auto Cover, Custom Steel Steps, Pergola, & Automation System.