Nothing is as COOL as a POOL

Like any inground swimming pool construction and installation, it is a mess. Penguin Pools does our best to minimize the impact on your property, but it’s the nature of excavating a huge hole in your backyard. There is no better way than to show you what we are going to during your fiberglass pool construction.

Fiberglass swimming pools have their own challenges when it comes to installation, but when done right, the results are spectacular.

It generally takes about 4-5 days to dig and install a fiberglass swimming pool, while the entire fiberglass pool construction process can take 1-2 months after flat work, fencing and landscaping done.

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Inground Fiberglass Pool Builders in WI and MN

Step-by-Step Inground Fiberglass Pool Construction Pictures

Step 1:
Your Fiberglass Swimming Pool Arrives at Your Home

Step 2:
Attach Straps to Fiberglass Swimming Pool

Step 3:
Penguin Pools Uses a Sky-Lift or Excavator to get Your Fiberglass Pool off the Truck

Step 3.1:
Moving your pool to the Backyard

Step 4:
Penguin Pools Digs the Hole for Your Fiberglass Pool Construction

Step 5:
Penguin Pools Builds Sump System under Your Fiberglass Pool

Step 6:
Create a Stone Bed for Your Fiberglass Pool

Step 7:
Penguin Pools Picks Up Fiberglass Swimming Pool to Place in the Ground

Step 8:
Penguin Pools Checks for Elevation & Hollow Spots

Step 9:
Penguin Pools Backfills Your Fiberglass Swimming Pool at same Rate of Water Level

Step 10:
Penguin Pools Plumbs Fiberglass Swimming Pool Equipment

Step 11:
Penguin Pools Forms around the Fiberglass Pool for Concrete

Step 12:
Penguin Pools Installs Forms for Cantilever Concrete

Step 13:
Penguin Pools Vibrates the Concrete to Prevent Air Gaps

Step 14:
Your Finished In-Ground Fiberglass Swimming Pool