Nothing is as COOL as a POOL

Did you know that 90% of all swimming pools installed in the Midwest, particularly in Wisconsin and Minnesota, are vinyl liner pools? Vinyl Liner Polymer Pool Walls are by far the most popular form of inground swimming pool due to its quick install, lower price, and ability to “flex” with changing ground conditions.

Vinyl liner pools consist of interconnected walls to create the frame for your entire pool. Penguin Pools uses two types of construction materials for our vinyl liner swimming pool:

  1. Steel Pool Walls
  2. Polymer Pool Walls

Steel Vinyl Liner Pool Walls

Vinyl Liner Steel Wall Features & Attributes

  • 14 Gauge Steel with G235 (Z720) galvanized coating is standard for the industry, however, thicker and stronger steel is available by request
  • Self-Piercing, Auto-Locking, Double Zinc plated and Carbon Steel rivets
  • Steel walls are compatible for over 200 different vinyl liner pool styles
  • Rivet-lockT and Press-lockT Systems, representing the very latest in fabrication methods
  • Rivet-lockT and Press-lockT Systems that securely rigidize and stabilize each panel, without destroying the integrity of the galvanized coating
  • The main draw back is that anything made of steel (galvanized or not), WILL RUST!

For complete details on steel wall installations for vinyl liner pools, please contact us.

Graphex Polymer Pool Walls

Polymer pool walls are the latest in vinyl liner swimming pool technology and are the most common pool wall installed in the US. They are lighter then steel walls, stronger, and WILL NEVER RUST. These walls use polymer braces that have a built-in deck support to help hold the load of the pool decking. Non-Biodegradable polymer forms don’t rust or corrode.

Vinyl Liner Polymer Pool Walls Features & Attributes

  • Non-Biodegradable polymer forms don’t rust or corrode
  • Polymer walls have a higher strength ratio than steel
  • Polymer panels have uniform rigidity, flatness and strength derived from the strategic placement of ribs
  • Polymer cellular structure that acts as a thermal screen, holding heat in the pool and blocking the penetrating cold from surrounding soils
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • Multi-Flex Panels allow for ANY SHAPE AVAILABLE

For complete details on polymer wall installations for vinyl liner pools, please contact us.