Nothing is as COOL as a POOL

Fiberglass swimming pools are riddled with misconceptions and myths. We have been installing fiberglass swimming pools in Waukesha, Milwaukee, and Southeastern Wisconsin for years, we’ve seen it all, so we will make sure you know the facts! Fiberglass Swimming Pool Myths are generally from competitors that don't know how or can't install a fiberglass pool.

Fiberglass pools are the easiest inground swimming pool to keep clean and balance chemicals plus they have a great smooth feel to them. You don't have a rough or cut up toes like you would with a concrete pool.

Why should I Buy my Fiberglass Pool from Penguin Pools?

We have the most extensive experience of any swimming pool builder in Southeastern Wisconsin. Penguin Pools was the first pool builder in the Waukesha to install a fiberglass swimming pool back in 1999. That same fiberglass pool is still going strong today, years later, in factory condition with no repairs or renovation.
In the years we’ve been installing pools, we have installed nearly 500 fiberglass pools throughout Wisconsin and Minnesota and maintain a solid reputation for quality work.
When you are putting a large investment in your house, such as a swimming pool, you want someone you can trust doing the job and someone you can call with questions years down the road.

Fiberglass Swimming Pool Myths

Understanding the Differences

Fiberglass Swimming Pools Last Forever?

Imagine throwing away a fiberglass boat. No way! Quality fiberglass boats never wear out and neither do quality fiberglass swimming pools. If your fiberglass pool is properly maintained and cared for, it will look very much the same as the day it was installed several years later!

You can Never Use Acid in a Fiberglass Pool?

Sure you can! This is another favorite scare tactic of the misinformed swimming pool contractor “professionals”. A true Fiberglass Swimming Pool Myths.
The gel-coat of our fiberglass swimming pools is chemically inert! If need be, straight muratic or ascorbic acid can be used on the surface, although typically in a diluted concentration will do the job just fine. In fact you can use just about any chemical in a fiberglass pool that you would in others. Gel coat is tough stuff!

Fiberglass Pools have to get Placed with a Crane?

The majority of fiberglass pools get placed with an excavator or lull/Skytrack. If you have 10′ of access from the road to the hole, Penguin Pools can use something other than a crane to place your pool. We have built hundreds of fiberglass swimming pools without a crane!
That said, if you have a limited access or if your site is small, yes we will have to use a crane to get the pool in the backyard. These instances are rare, but they do happen.

Fiberglass Pools Don’t Look Like a Real Pool?

Penguin Pools always has a good laugh at this one. Fiberglass swimming pools are as “real” as they come! In fact, a fiberglass pool that has been installed with a cantilevered deck and perhaps optional waterline tile, is impossible to distinguish from a brand new concrete pool. To tell the difference one must reach into the water and touch the satin soft surface. Another big difference is that a fiberglass pool will keep its good looks, where a plaster pool will begin to look pitted, rusted, and blotchy after a few years!
Take a look at some of our finished fiberglass swimming pools. Can you tell the difference?

Do Fiberglass Swimming Pools POP Out of the ground?

Your common sense probably made you wonder about this claim, right? This is a favorite scare tactic of swimming pool builders and contractors if they have never installed a fiberglass pool, but they LOSE credibility after the customer gets the facts. The most common of all the Fiberglass Swimming Pool Myths. Fiberglass pools DO NOT simply pop out of the ground, as they are anchored down like all other inground pools, as well as adhering to the Principle of Displacement.
Any watertight vessel, in this case your pool, will float, regardless of what it is made of, provided the vessel is empty and there is water under it. This same “principle of displacement” is what allows heavy concrete barges to float as easily as lightweight fiberglass boats. What overcomes displacement? The weight of the water! This is why boats that have sunk do not “pop” out of the water!
Let’s fully understand this: pools that have water in them, not under them don't “pop out”.