Nothing is as COOL as a POOL

The 1st step to choosing the right pool is to decide if an above ground swimming pool or inground swimming pool is right for their backyard. Each type of pool has its advantages and disadvantages. Once you’ve decided which pool is right for you, the process is generally pretty easy. It comes down to two things:

Choosing the Right Pool

Backyard and Swimming Pool Aesthetics

Above ground pools are great and economical, but can be an eyesore if not well concealed by landscaping or decking. Inground pools, on the other hand, are instantly integrated into a layout or design of your backyard, and don’t necessarily require extra landscaping design or decking to integrate the pool into your backyard.

Swimming Pool Price

Price is a very real and important concern for homeowners choosing the right pool. Penguin Pools will always provide you with an upfront, honest assessment of what it will cost you to install a pool in your backyard. Here are some general guidelines around inground pools and above ground pool cost:

  • Inground pools can certainly transform your backyard into a paradise, but you will pay, on average, 8x more than you would pay for an above ground pool.
  • Inground pools incorporate an overall feel for what you want your backyard to be. Penguin Pools will help you decide how you want to use your backyard, pool, and living area to create an area that makes sense for your family. The choices you make while figuring out your inground pool will decide how your pool will be used for years to come.
  • Above ground swimming pools can be installed quickly and inexpensively compared to an inground pool. However, above ground pools tend not to look as nice out-of-the-box. At Penguin Pools, we recommend accompanying your above ground pool with some landscaping or decking.
Choosing the Right Pool Sussex