Nothing is as COOL as a POOL

Need money? If not, stop reading this as this is a waste of your time. If you need money for Pool Financing then keep on reading. LightStream financial offers a straight forward loan process where you can borrow $5,000 - $100,000 for :

Pool Financing

If you have the option to get pool financing with a home equity line of credit or a refinance on your house; chances are will get a better interest rate. If you don't have the equity or ability to refinance your house, LightStream is going to be an excellent source for you to get pool financing.

The interest rates are based on your credit score, the duration you want to borrow the money along with the amount you want to borrow. At the end of the day, if you have a good credit score you will be able to get a loan at a good rate.

Time is Money

The LightStream process through Penguin Pools is fast and reliable. There are some circumstances when you can get your money deposited into your account the SAME DAY! You can't say that about other forms of Pool Financing.

Not feeling LightStream is a good fit for you, no problem, Penguin Pools has also teamed up with Lyon Financial to offer you pool financing.
Simply click the logo below to start the process.

Lyon Financial Pool Financing Milwaukee