Nothing is as COOL as a POOL

At Penguin Pools, we offer only top-of-the-line standalone hot tubs and swim spas. Over the last decades, we’ve found that hot tubs and spas provide our customers with more value are eco-friendly. Swim spas and hot tubs are engineered to perfection and incorporate the latest technology.

Standalone Hot Tub and Swim Spa Features

  • Pressure Treated Wood to resist rot, corrosion and insects
  • Rails and cross-bracings are secured with 1″ galvanized fasteners
  • Vertical supports are reinforced with corner gussets and vertical angle bracings
  • The cabinet is actually an integral part of the construction of the spa
  • Reinforced wall made of treated lumber is bracketed and reinforced at the corners
  • Wood support beams are attached directly to support the seating area
  • Decorative panels are added for beauty and elegance

Standalone Hot Tubs and Swim Spa Pricing

Hot tubs range in price from $6,000 - $9,000 depending on size and shape. A standard large spa is 8' x 8' however they come in many shapes to meet the specific needs of your room or outdoor space.

Swim Spas are a fully contained hot tub that also has a propulsion system where you can swim in place. These units are great for exercise and provide a great low impact, little stress work out.
Swim spas, depending on size and features, range from $16,000 - $25,000