Nothing is as COOL as a POOL

Investing in an inground pool for your home is a big deal. Every detail has to be right to include everything for the inground pool prices. At Penguin Pools, we publish all of our base inground pool prices. We want to establish trust first and foremost, and there’s no better way to do that than to be up-front about what an inground pool will cost, or what an above ground pool will cost.

The price ranges you see here is what it will cost you to install the pool in your backyard and get it working order. This doesn’t include pool optionspool decking and fencing or landscaping that you’ve seen in many of our completed swimming pools. We know it’s a big investment, which is why we don’t want to show what could be without being direct about what is you are investing in and how much that investment will cost. Make sure to understand everything to goes in the inground pool prices.

Inground Pool Prices Waukesha

Inground Pool Prices by Installation Type

Always understand what you are getting and what still needs to be done with your project. That goes for any inground pool builders or pool contractors that you might talk to? A sweetheart number may look good until you realize that there are tens of thousands of dollars that are needed to complete your project. Penguin Pools tries to be upfront as we can on what things cost and what is needed for a full inground pool installation.

Vinyl Liner Replacement and Rehab Cost

If you already have an above ground or inground vinyl liner pool that needs a new liner before the summer begins, we can take care of that too.

If you have any questions on our inground pool pricing please contact us directly.