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Automatic Pool Cover Provides Great Safety


Auto Covers are great at protecting your inground pool from accidents and injury.

When an automatic pool cover is used correctly, there is no better safety measure you can buy.  Fences can be climbed or jumped over; while pool water alarms can be unreliable and give false alarms.

An auto cover that is closed over the pool, will not allow anyone to fall in or use the pool unattended.

The Automatic Pool Cover is Strong

Automatic Pool Cover Provides Great Safety WaukeshaThe auto cover pool is strong ONLY when it is on the surface of the water.  When the auto cover is over the pool water, its gets its strength from the surface tension of the water. If you were to empty the pool the cover might pull right out of the tracks under is’t own weight.

The cover can handle the weight of multiple people and is like walking on a water bed.

Safety Has Never Been More Convenient

An auto cover simply opens and closes with the turn of key or the entering of a 4 digit code. An auto cover pool will also keep you pool cleaner, warmer; in addition to providing you the safety and piece of mind that all pool owners want.

Automatic Pool Cover Waukesha

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